Monday Made It-Study Groups

I am trying something new, and linking up with 4th Grade Frolics's Monday Made It! I am so excited to be joining in on the fun!!
As we know, testing season is upon us. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I resist the urge to just curl up in a back corner of my classroom for a nap during planning just about daily. We are BUSY PEOPLE RIGHT NOW. 
What I know I don't have time for  is reteaching every concept that I've already taught...ESPECIALLY when the foundation for the skill was given in previous grades. (As an ELA teacher, of course I'm talking about grammar. I mean, if you have a 4th grade class where every student can tell you the difference between a proper noun, possessive noun, and pronoun without batting an eye, I would like to personally shake your hand.)
Therefore, my Monday Made It was born. TCAP Study groups with fancy cards. 
First: I made the cards on my computer. 

Then: I copied them two sided so each page had space on the back for definitions and examples of each term. 

After that: Each student got their own set to cut, color, and fill in with all of their TCAP knowledge. 

Finally: I placed them in TCAP study groups to quiz each other. This has been the CUTEST. They created their own mini-competitions today. My study groups are mixed-ability and it has been equally engaging for my advanced learners, as well as my approaching-grade-level kiddos. 

To create these cards, I simply went through the list of 4th Grade Grammar TCAP SPIs, and created one card for each skill listed in the standards. After students finish centers every day (if they aren't in my group), they are expected to get in study groups and start quizzing. It has been an easy, effect, student-centered method to get the kids memorizing those pesky grammar skills that they always get confused. 
Stephanie Sutherland