Primary Fluency Pack!

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Hey there! Long time, no blog.

Two kids in two years, plus working full-time throughout the year will keep you away from managing teacher blogs. Oops!

I am coming back in strong today to share the beginning of a series of posts and resources I have planned! These are things I have been using in my classroom since I was in grad school, and it only recently dawned on me that I should turn them into real resources (duh)! 

Isn't that such a struggle when you're new to TPT?

I've had my store up and running for about 2 years I guess I can't really call myself new anymore, but I have been terrible about prioritizing my time to make my store something lucrative. Whenever I get an idea for a resource, it's usually something way over-the-top cutesy that I did not create for real use in my classroom. I focus much more on making it look presentable that's a big no-no that I've only recently started to un-learn!

So, it hit me that I have a slew of fluency activities and lesson plans that I have been using for ages, and whenever I share them with teachers in real life, they always go over well. THAT is the stuff I should be writing about and creating! The stuff that I know works well!

So, I bring to you a pack of Fluency Centers I used in my classroom this year!

This pack includes 5 different centers + all of the materials you will need! They can be done by students with partners, and some can be completed individually. If you do Daily 5, they all would translate to "Read to Someone" extremely well! If you have a daily/weekly fluency time in your block, you can make this pack work!

My favorite part about the centers I create for my classroom, is that they aren't specific to any set of task cards or book. All 5 of these centers can be used with multiple resources...which means you can rotate through them for the entire year. Your students won't tire of them because each time you introduce a new book that will work, it feels new to them! I can personally attest that these activities can last an entire year without students complaining...I've done it. :-) 

There are a few texts mentioned in the pack that I wanted to link here for easy case you don't have them! You may have several of these, but just hadn't thought to use them for fluency. :)

**Any books in these series will work very well, these are just a few examples!

One of my favorite texts/lessons to use with fluency is teaching intonation with Pigeon! Check out that lesson plan here!

Happy teaching, y'all! I hope these centers make fluency instruction a little easier for you to manage, and that it helps your students. :) 

Stephanie Sutherland