Classroom Writing Centers: VIDEO TOUR

Y’all. I tried something new.

I filmed my blog post instead of writing it! (Insert shrugging shoulders emoji here). I wanted to share the way that I organize my writing centers in the most efficient way possible, and video just felt right.

Check it out below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments after you’re done!

2019 Classroom Writing Center Tour

Some things I mentioned in the video that you can check out up close:

Center Checklist: Here is a photo example of the checklist my kiddos have! They’re all different, and they work like a dream! I keep them in page protector’s in the kids’ folders, and they use dry erase to cross out what they do each day. Every quarter, I take them out and shuffle them up…so I only make the copies once! :)

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 7.35.35 PM.png

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