5 Podcasts for Teacherpreneurs

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Anyone else here OBSESSED with podcasts?? I can. not. get. enough. I am always searching for new ones, and when I find one that I love, I am loyal until the end. 

As a teacherpreneur (aka a teacher who is side hustling HARD), I am really in to business podcasts lately. Specifically, DIY business podcasts that give specific How-Tos for things like digital marketing, email funneling, content creation when you're not feeling very creative, etc. etc. etc. If the podcast is made by a teacher, it's even better! 

I have found some great ones, y'all. I usually listen to some sort of business-minded podcast on my way home from school so I am in the mood to hustle in the evenings! Here are 5 of my favorite podcasts for teacherpreneurs (and just boss babes in general!)

PS: I am simply sharing these podcasts for the love of the free content that is shared on them! No paid sponsorships here. :) 

Elite Edupreneurs Podcast by Rachel Davis from Bright Futures Counseling


If you are a TPT seller, this is the podcast for you. Every week, Rachel interviews a TPT seller (usually with a pretty high ranking) and gets the inside scoop behind their success story, their productivity tips, marketing strategies, work hours, etc. I have applied SO many amazing strategies that I've heard from other sellers on this podcast. 

Business Boutique by Christy Wright


Christy Wright is a Dave Ramsey girl, so she knows a little bit about making and managing money. My favorite thing about this podcast is how female-oriented the episodes are. Christy is speaking directly to women who are working moms and wives who are trying to build something better for themselves and their families. If that sounds like you, stop reading this and go listen to Christy's episode about "Traits of Highly Successful Women". You're welcome.

Boss Girl Creative Podcast by Taylor Bradford


I only know even a little bit about blogging because of Taylor Bradford. Her episodes are consistently filled with clear, actionable steps to building your brand and promoting your blog. She's not speaking directly to teachers here, but she's so easy to follow you can take every tip she has and translate it to your teacher business with no trouble. 

Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield


If you've ever wanted to know how to create an email funnel that works, or you want some info on batching tasks so you don't lose your mind with your crazy to-do list, you need Amy Porterfield in your life. Not only will you learn how to grow your business, but her voice is so soothing, you'll just feel better about your life! 

The Boss Mom Podcast by Dana Malstaff


This is the first business podcast I ever listened to, and it was when I was starting a mom blog a year or so ago. The mom blog didn't work out, because (as Dana is constantly saying), businesses work when you know a LOT about the product you are trying to sell. As a mom blogger, I didn't know what I wanted to sell to people. I was too new of a mom to feel like I had something to offer, and I was struggling to come up with original content that didn't make me feel like a fraud. As a TPT author, I can confidently create products for teachers, because I've done it. I know what they need. I know what works. Therefore, this has stuck where the mom blog became just a hobby. The Boss Mom Podcast is FULL of amazing advice like that. I highly recommend it!


Ok, I know I said this post would feature 5 podcasts, but here are some honorable mentions (I couldn't bring myself to leave any out!!)

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Simple Pin Podcast by Kate Ahl

Creative Empire Podcast by Reina Pomeroy and Christina Scalera

So there you have it. My 5 recommendations for podcasts for Teacherpreneurs. I would love to know the ones that you love the most, and if there are any you're crazy about that I didn't mention. I am ALWAYS looking for new shows! 

Happy Teachings!

XOXO, Stephanie

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