5 Ways a VA can Grow your TPT Business

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Hiring a VA is becoming a more, and more popular topic of conversation these days. It can be scary to go into a relationship with a VA, because you may not know how a VA could help you, or even what you might have them do! 

Here are 5 ways that a VA can help you grow your TPT business today! 

1.) A VA can do the things you don't like doing.

There are no less than a dozen tasks that need to be checked off of your to-do list before you can consider a new product to be completely "finished". Chances are you dislike at least one of those thing. Maybe it's prepping and taking pictures of the product. Maybe it's writing the descriptions. Maybe it's creating the pins. Whatever it is, hiring a VA can take those tasks off of your plate, so you can move on to the next product on your list a little faster!

2.) A VA can do the things you can't do

Maybe you want really beautiful, professional photos for all of your products, but you don't have Photoshop, or a nice camera, or even a nice smart phone? Hiring out tasks to people who have already invested in the equipment will help promote your products with a more professional presentation than you could have created yourself! 

3.) A VA can free up your time for product creation

You may have gotten into TPT at a time where all you needed to do was design a new product, put it on TPT, and it sold. Now, the market is a little more saturated, and you have to market to stay competitive. If the way the business has shifted is a huge downer to you, there are VAs everywhere who are willing to completely take over the marketing side of your business, so literally all you need to do is create new products! And more products = more sales!

4.) A VA can save you from making mistakes

Whether you have a VA monitoring your Facebook group, or proofreading your products, a second set of eyes is never a bad idea! The more error-free your products or social media posts are, the better feedback you receive. 

5.) A VA can increase your reach

Finding someone who understands social media strategy a little better than you do can ensure that your products don't just get onto Facebook, or your Instagram isn't just planned out, but that it's actually working! Effective social media strategy leads to more sales, and the sales are our true end game, right? 

If you have been looking to hire a VA, but you don't know where to start, I am happy to chat and answer any questions you may have about what the work relationship may look like!

You can find my own VA services here, but there is no shortage of VAs out there to meet and help you grow your business!

You can also reach out to me on Instagram to learn more about what a VA can do for you!

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Stephanie Sutherland