The Best Black History Month Read Alouds You May Not Have Read

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Our students should be able to find mirrors and windows in our classroom libraries, y’all. Each child should be able to find books in your classroom that they can see themselves in (i.e. mirrors), and they should also be able to find books where they can learn about other people (windows to see the world).

I’ve been more intentional about this in recent years. I started out like any teacher, building my classroom library from hand-me-downs. When I started buying my own books, I went for the ones that were favorites of mine when I was a kid, first. Finally, I started to notice that in all of the books I had, I was providing mirrors to only some of my students, and not a whole lot of windows.

Today, I wanted to share some books with y’all that I have come to LOVE having in my classroom. They’re in my library all of the time, for my students to read any month of the year, but I pull them out for lessons and read alouds in February to celebrate Black History Month, and all that these men and women did to shape our country. I’m hoping you find a title or two from this list that you’ve never seen before!

Those are some of my VERY favorites, but this is by no means an extensive list of the great Black History picture books we can be sharing with our students. Connect with me on Instagram to share your favorites!

If you’re looking for some extra reading practice for your students surrounding Black History Month, check out my reading passages with question sets!

Stephanie Sutherland