The Best Women's History Month Read Alouds to Share with Your Students

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International Women’s Day is a big deal in my classroom. I have a whole collection of picture books that I save for Women’s History Month, and I begin introducing them the week of International Women’s Day. It’s so inspiring for our students, both boys and girls, to hear these stories where women overcame so much adversity to change things for the better.

My favorite is when I introduce the kids to someone whose story they don’t already know. Anne Carrol Moore, Amelia Bloomer, Eugenie Clark…these women are not in our textbooks, so it’s fun to share them with my students!

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise tells the story of how Anne Carroll Moore fought for children to have the right to enter libraries, and have books for themselves free to read!

Amelia Bloomer is the founder of…you guessed it, the bloomers! These were the first prototype of pants for women, and the kids love reading this fascinating story of how women’s clothing evolved to be more equitable.

I have this book both in my classroom, and in my daughter’s room. It’s the story of how a talented little girl brought art to her inner-city neighborhood to transform it for the better.

Shark Lady tells the story of how Eugenie Clark came to love ocean life, and how her courage took her further than many others in her field. Plus, it teaches a lot of cool facts about sharks!

Josephine Baker was a jazz singer, and civil rights activist. This book is written as a biographical poem of her life, and it is beautiful to read and to look at!

This is always one of my students’ favorites, because it doesn’t focus on Jane Goodall as an adult. Instead, this story focuses on her as a kid, and how her important work started even when she was very young.

Katherine Johnson, the scientist played by Taraji P. Henson in the movie Hidden Figures, is such a fascinating woman from history! This sweet story takes us through her childhood, and how her affinity for math and science was an important part of who she was as a little girl.

Those are some of my VERY favorites, but this is by no means an extensive list of the great Women’s History picture books we can be sharing with our students. Connect with me on Instagram to share your favorites!

If you’re looking for some extra reading practice for your students surrounding Women’s History Month, check out my reading passages with question sets!

Stephanie Sutherland