St. Patrick's Day Writing, Read Alouds, and a FREEBIE

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It’s March! And all the teachers said HALLELUJAH AND AMEN. 🙌

March means Spring. It means Spring Break. It means longer days. More sunshine. Only a couple more months until summer! It still feels like winter for many of us, but the promise of Spring is here, and that’s all we need to keep going!

Today, I have a handful of books to share with you about St. Patrick’s Day, along with a cute writing/art activity I plan to do with my kiddos this year! PLUS, if you’re part of my email list (or you want to be), there is a free little gift from this post! Scroll to see! 🍀

This adorable story features a leprechaun running amok at a school’s St. Patrick’s Day party. Only one boy notices him, but because he is always chasing the leprechaun, trying to stop him from ruining the next thing, he keeps being found guilty from destroying the party.

How to Catch a Leprechaun is a classic that lends itself perfectly to building a leprechaun trap, if that’s the activity you plan to do!

Another classic is Clever Tom and the Leprechaun. This old Irish folktale tells the story of Tom-a man clever enough to catch a real leprechaun. He thinks he can force the leprechaun to show him where his pot of gold is, but the leprechaun is clever, too!

Besides just reading this year, I will also have my students complete this writing flip book!

The title is “My Pot of Gold is Filled With…”, and then each flap has a blank space on the front for students to fill in with the things they are lucky to have! (family, friends, school, etc.) I printed this on rainbow colored paper, because…of course! 🌈

Printing/prepping this activity is quick and easy! Directions for assembly are included in the product, so you could easily have a parent volunteer, TA, or any other assistant help you knock these out in no time!

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 9.26.57 PM.png

Something that has been a big hit with my students this year has been these themed homework passes. My kids love buying homework passes, and they get a kick out of it when I surprise them with one of these on their desks for a special occasion! This little freebie is exclusive to subscribers!

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Stephanie Sutherland