Summer Blogging Series 2: 5 Ways to Make Next Year Better

Alright y’all: the Summer Blogging Series continues! TIP NUMBER ONE for how to make next year better was to set your goals each month, but break them down into 4 attainable benchmarks so you can achieve them in bite-size chunks! Physically writing goals down, and then breaking them into steps and giving yourself a deadline to meet those steps = more goals met!

Today we have tip #2 for how to make next year better than ever!

Teacher Productivity Tip #2: Use Timers.

I am a timer junkie. I have a timer on for this blog post. No joke. I was dragging my feet about getting it done, so I set a timer for 25 minutes and told myself that I had to have all text drafted in this text box before the timer goes off.

This is a daily practice for me.

I’m not sure why it’s so effective, or even where I heard about it for the first time, but all you do is make a list of what you want to get done, assign a time that you’re willing to let yourself spend on each task, and knock. that. mess. out!

This is extremely effective during planning time. We teachers are the absolute worst about prioritizing our time during planning. I know because I live it all the time. I’m so starved for adult interaction by the time I get that glorious break that I go straight to talk to a teammate. Or I head to the lounge where I heard there may be donuts. Or I grab a stack of things that need to be delivered/copied and I waste half of my time walking all over the school just dropping things off. And I’m here to tell you that I have recovered from these bad habits and there is a better way.

-Make to-do lists of what you need to have done BEFORE YOU LEAVE SCHOOL. We all have those tasks that we can’t put off for another day, or that would really be nice to have done early so we should start them now. Write them down.

-Give yourself a time limit for each tasks. Got an email you can’t seem to bring yourself to write? 10 minutes. Don’t spend 45 minutes deleting and re-drafting and overthinking, Just write the dang thing and save it to have a friend look over if you must. But write it and cross it off your list.

-Repeat as needed for each task.

-This is especially effective if you have days for different things. Mondays were when I started drafting lesson plans for the next week. Tuesdays were for grading. Etc. Start with a plan and you’ll be more successful.And it works well if you group similar tasks together. All computer based tasks get knocked out first, then errands and copies are done near then end when you’re about to get your kids, for example.

What is the absolute worst is when an entire planning time goes by and you didn’t get anything done and you end up doing it during lunch. Or at home. Or have to come in early the next morning. Our planning times aren’t much, but they are better than nothing, and you can get a lot more done than you realize if you work smarter!

As you move towards your school year next fall, you may need a planner that helps you make those daily lists. I have just the one for you! My Teacher To-Do List planner is now in my TPT store! This planner will keep you organized, well-planned, and on top of your goals for this year!

Soak up every second of your summer break, guys. Then bottle that happy teacher up and keep her alive all year long. ❤️

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Keep a look out for Tip 3!

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